China Shenzhen, Factory
Located in Shenzhen in Guangdong Province of China, our manufacturing site has commenced production since 1993. Transportation is convenient, taking 45 minutes of driving from Lo Wu to the factory. With a total of 100,000 sq. ft., the two-block factory complex has a maximum of six production lines. The lead time is short for delivering TOYO musical movements to other factories located in Shenzhen and Dongguan.
Quality Control
To ensure quality, our QC department carries out strict quality control procedures completely in-house. The raw materials coming into our factory are inspected first. During production, QA staff monitor and evaluate the semi-finished products. Finally, on finished products, a series of quality assurance tests are implemented to meet customers’ requirements, such as thermal test, drop test and tension test.

Our 28ST-Z484 & 28ST-Z483 pulley musical movements and 28ST-Z280 mobile musical movements are granted two Toy Safety Standards:
(1) European Standard on Safety of Toys, EN71 Part1: 1998 - Mechanical and Physical Properties, EN71 Part2: 1993 - Flammability of Toys, EN71 Part3: 1994 - Migration of Certain Elements.
(2) ASTM F963-96a Standard Consumer Safety Specification on Toys Safety physical and mechanical test, and flammability test.
(3) 24ST-Z484 musical movements in shell case with less torque meets the 21b Return Pull Specification.

The test report was issued by China Dragon Inspection & Certification (H.K.) Ltd., which is accredited by the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (KOKLAS) with Registration No. 68.
Product Development
Our experienced R&D engineers are responsible for developing new accessories for assembling on a standard musical movement. We are able to design different functions and motions such as move-up-and-down, rotate-left-and-right, swing-front-and-back, etc. Mouldings and fixtures are manufactured for mass production. Our engineers and technicians work closely with our marketing staff, who are able to provide up-to-date market information, in order to satisfy customers needs.

We are able to offer new tune development service. For developing tune for a new song, customers have to provide a master tape and a melody (or note) copy of the new tune to us. The hand-made sample of musical movement with the new tune will be finished within 1 month for your approval.
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