Taiwan office established in 1974


TOYO Musical Movements, a Taiwan-based company with production facilities in Taiwan and China, is one of the world’s well-known musical movement manufacturers. We have been selling musical movements since 1974.

TOYO’s musical movements are highly popular among manufacturers of musical toys, music boxes, and other gift products, earning a worldwide reputation for its renowned indisputable quality. They are applicable for a wide range of arts, crafts, toys and gift items, such as rocking horses, jewelry boxes, ceramic and wooden figures, etc. Today, TOYO remains a top brand name and a major supplier of musical movements.

We provide the most stringent quality control to maintain quality standard of TOYO musical movements. We are also flexible enough to tailor-make products for customers in a timely manner.

Emphasizing customer satisfaction, we have a sales team who is always full of innovative ideas to meet customers’ needs. We provide timely after-sales services to our customers. To meet the growing demand for musical movements and to provide better services for our customers, we have expanded our business by opening offices and factories in Taiwan: Kao Mei International Co. and Fammy Precision Industry Co., Ltd.; Hong Kong: Sanfield International Ltd.; Shenzhen (China): Toyo Electron (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Los Angeles (the U.S.): Komy Int'l Co. Our offices coordinate together as a team to perform liaison work to satisfy overseas customers, guaranteeing that they are well served.

Our prices are competitive among products of the same class. Our geographical location allows us to control the time schedule on delivery of goods. Constantly striving for high quality and competitive pricing, we hope to have the honour to establish business with your company in the near future.
Since our company established in 1974,we have always hold our principle of Honesty. Earnest and Faithful. Our product ranges are cable related electronic components, connectors and cable manufacturing and sale. These products are usually applied in OA products, communication, computer peripheral, automobile audio and household electrical appliance. There are wide band of items to meet the varying market. Today in the electronic field, new invention quickly replace the old . The standard of coupling design and manufacture precise become more rigorous. We devote ourselves to automation, quality first and close cooperation with our clients. Also we attend to manufacturing low poison product, non-toxic assembling and providing safe green product to our client. We are striving to supply a high quality product and competitive price in order to be your best choice cooperator.
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