本公司自創業以來, 秉著誠正、認真、 守信的精神經營與電線有關的各類電子配件、  連接器、CABLE製造加工與買賣。應用範圍包括OA産品、通訊、電腦周邊、汽車音響、家電産品,在電子業界日新月異。種類産品快速汰換,使連接器在設計及製造上的精密度日趨嚴謹。 本公司當不遺餘力積極朝著自動化、品質向上化、協力第一化的目標邁進,並致力於産品低毒、無毒加工, 將安全綠色的産品提供給客戶,以對各關聯的業界做最佳的協力廠與最佳的品質保證!

   Since our company established in 1974,we have always hold our principle of Honesty. Earnest and Faithful. Our product ranges are cable related electronic components, connectors and cable manufacturing and sale. These products are usually applied in OA products, communication, computer peripheral, automobile audio and household electrical appliance. There are wide band of items to meet the varying market. Today in the electronic field, new invention quickly replace the old . The standard of coupling design and manufacture precise become more rigorous. We devote ourselves to automation, quality first and close cooperation with our clients. Also we attend to manufacturing low poison product, non-toxic assembling and providing safe green product to our client. We are striving to supply a high quality product and competitive price in order to be your best choice cooperator.

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